Chukwunonso Merah, born in Nigeria, spent his younger years engulfed in his home countries rich traditions and culture of hard work, respect, and family. At fourteen his family moved to Calgary where he immersed himself in a new culture. During his formative years he realized the importance of independence in his life. Because of this it has helped situate him in his current situation as an entrepreneur. In the past, Chukwunonso has had success in Sales at numerous companies. This success has stemmed from his ability to get along well with others. He remembers enjoying hearing people’s stories and feeling like he was providing them with a valued product or service. His positions in sales helped identify marketplace demand and he began development of a plan to launch his own business.

Chukwunonso Merah
Chukwunonso Anthony Merah

He will be launching this business in Canada shortly.  This company is a renovation company that focuses on home renovations in every area of the home. In fact, he hopes to hit launch his new company and make a positive impact on his local Calgary community. The company was formulated to do two things; it would level the playing field for those who are good at what they do but average at marketing themselves and it would take the risk and guessing out of home renovation projects for consumers

Recently, Chukwunonso has switched his focus from his previous career in sales to piloting his own home renovation business. He’s been attempting to create different opportunities for himself in order to make a more positive impact on the people around him. Over the next decade Chukwunonso hopes to see growth in his business and to continue to make a positive impact in the community. Finally, if you would like to support Chukwunonso’s efforts, please feel free to reach out through his contacts page.