To begin, Chukwunonso Anthony Merah has had the pleasure of appearing in numerous media articles throughout the years. He believes that content like this is will be a great marketing tool for his start-up. He welcomes any future engagement to add to existing portfolio of press junkets.

Chukwunonso Anthony Merah
Chukwunonso Anthony Merah

On Inspirey and, Chukwunonso spoke about his early life if Nigeria and his family’s immigration to Canada. He spoke about his past experiences in sales and what currently motivates him. In addition, Chukwunonso spoke about his positive interactions with coworkers and clients. Not only has this helped him development great interpersonal skills, but these in turn have transitioned into the practices and habits that he brings to his business. Ultimately, he believes that running his business successfully is of utmost importance. However, he takes an equal amount of pride in making sure that he can positively impact his local community as well.

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When deciding to sell a home, it is very likely that one will want to maximize the possible revenue that they will be able to get for their property. Unfortunately, increasing the value of an existing home is not easy. In fact, it is often impossible if the owner is unwilling to spend some of…

Q&A With Chukwunonso Merah, Founder of EZPZ – INTERVIEW

After a long career in sales, a love for working with other people and Chukwunonso’s involvement in a few ventures, the concept for his own company call EZPZ was born.