Firstly, due to his knowledge of sales and his strong people skills, Chukwunonso has taken up a hobby and began engaging in creative writing. As a matter of fact, his passion for helping others is what fuels his writing. In his words, creative writing helps offer a way for him to expand his avenues of communication with others. Certainly, this allows him to reach larger groups of people and gain more interaction and exposure. Further, this newfound ability to gain new avenues of interaction has sparked Chukwunonso Merah’s creativity. For instance, he posts his blogs on the platform Medium, a diverse and proven platform where bloggers from all over the world can share ideas, knowledge and blog about a variety of topics. From politics, to lifestyle choices, religion, to dieting, anything and everything can be discussed on Medium.

Chukwunonso Anthony Merah
Chukwunonso Merah


Chukwunonso Merah Discusses How to Add Value to your Home with Renovations

There are a few big home improvement projects that can really add value and attract home buyers. Chukwunonso Merah understands that his clients want renovations that add value to their home.

Chukwunonso Merah Details Value-Adding Home Renovations

Renovations are most commonly done to fix a room in your home that you are dissatisfied with. There has been a shift in popularity in home renovation. Therefore, conducting upgrades to your home to add value before listing on the market is a homeowners best way to add value.

Chukwunonso Merah’s Trends in Home Renovations

As the Founder and Owner of EZPZ - a Calgary-based home renovation company - Chukwunonso Merah has a firm understanding of the trends in home renovations that potential buyers are expecting to see in modern homes.